Excellence in Engineering Services

T2SYS' mission is to solve mission critical problems for both military and commercial customers through advanced R&D, design, and manufacturing


At T2SYS, we're dedicated to provide high quality R&D, design and manufacturing services to our customers. T2SYS is a robust R&D company with 50+ years of combined scientific and engineering expertise ranging from computational physics to sensor design to experimental work.  T2SYS offers a full service design and manufacturing solutions for our clients. We proudly work with our customers to deliver solutions for complex real world problems.


T2SYS specializes in a wide spectrum of design and manufacturing vertical markets.

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Advanced Computing  
  • Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Advanced Computing
  • Microwave/RF
  • Reverse Engineering/Anti-tamper
  • Software Protection
  • Security & IP